Dems: Don't let Foley get the issues JACKED, too!

There's no doubt in anybody's mind. Mark Foley likes young men. He resigned. He should have resigned ages ago because of conflicts of interest - being interested in taking advantage of the group of citizens he was appointed to protect, as co-chair of the House Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus.

But, most Republicans JACKED the citizens they pretended to protect. This does not give Democrats the right to waste all sorts of time and outrage on Foley's follies. You should use every opportunity presented to say - yes, what Foley did was unconscionable. Yes, Hastert was in a position to, at the very least, have him removed from the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus.

The fact that he didn't was a mark of the very same hypocrisy and dodge game that characterizes politics in general, the Republicans in particular.

Acknowledge it. Call for investigations. Move on.

In the five weeks remaining until elections, start talking about the real issues that affect Americans every single day.
Spend a minute on the moral high road, and get back to business. That of making this country economically secure for as many Americans as possible. Look at the other things that went on while Foley was texting young men. Your record has some problems of its own.

You voted unanimously last week for another generous helping to the Iraq war chest - 100-0 - come on people - yes, we know you want to help the troops, we all do - but don't you think bringing up the question - hey, where's all the money we have appropriated in Bushian addendum fashion (while the defense budget keeps increasing in the regular federal budget) gone? I mean, don't you wonder?

You helped Republicans vote for the largest bankruptcy overhaul in decades - making it harder for struggling Americans to get out of debt, even while this administration has piled on National Debt ($9 trillion of it, people!) at record speed. You allowed them to cut Medicare, Medicaid and slash higher education. You stood by while Bush & Republican Co. grossly underfunded No Child Left Behind and HeadStart.

You don't have a plan for single payer healthcare, even though 47 million Americans (a number up 17% since Bush took office) have no insurance, and tens of millions merely have catastrophic insurance that only kicks in after they've depleted their savings on out-of-pocket expenses. And do something about a living wage.

FOLEY has given you the floor again....
Use it for something intelligent and long lasting.....

Use it to get back the economic and financial security that the conservatives JACKED from us!


Ode to my corner deli

Call me nostalgic. But, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Especially - remembering the little things. That’s how I feel about the death of my corner Deli. For years, the Bread Deli brightened my New York City block. Patricio, a.k.a. ‘the flower guy’ would get fresh blossoms every morning, their seasonal colors decorating the sidewalk. He’d hold onto my dogs while I got breakfast.

Inside, Jose would prepare an order of egg and cheese on a roll before I reached the food counter. He just knew. That’s customer service – remembering the little things. Everyone smiled, greeted each other in English or Spanish; a morning ritual of intimacy amongst strangers.

Sure, prices on various items fluctuated wildly. Sure, a pack of Advil could go for anything from .75 cents to 3 bucks. But, no matter what you wanted, whenever you wanted it, there it was. And, though not everyone knew your name, everyone knew your face - which in a city of 8 million people, provides a lot of wordless comfort.

All of which is gone now. It happened in stages. First, Patricio. Gone. Then, the flowers. Then the outside ATM machine that was near the flowers. Then, the inside salad bar. Then, the fruit. Then, the counter guys. Then, the chocolate. Then, the Bread Deli was no more. Boarded up. Darkened. Scaffolded over. Making way for the Condo Management company that bought the building and kicked out the remaining tenants and the Bread Deli. To transform the corner into something else. Something new. And, most likely - not as friendly.


Top Ten Ways We Got JACKED by This "Conservative" Government

Top Ten Ways We Got JACKED by This “Conservative” Government

1) The Bush administration has created the biggest budget deficit, debt, and trade imbalance EVER while cutting funding for domestic needs like education, Medicare, and Medicaid.

2) The administration’s tax cuts favor the rich, no matter HOW you look at it. About 87 percent of tax benefits go to the 14 percent of households with incomes above $100,000. Households with incomes below $75,000—three-quarters of ALL households—get just 5 percent of those benefits.

3) Bush signed the largest corporate tax break package in two decades, $136 billion. After World War II, corporations paid half the cost of running the federal government. Today, they pay 7%.

4) The price of gas doubled under Bush. The top oil companies earned $25 billion during the quarter that Hurricane Katrina struck compared to $50 billion for all of 2004. Former Exxon-Mobil, CEO, Lee Raymond got a $400 million exit package.

5) The Republican Congress has voted against every minimum wage increase, except the one linked to getting rid of the estate tax for the rich. The real income of the average American household has fallen five years in a row.

6) House Republicans chopped education programs by $14.3 billion – the highest cuts EVER. College tuition has increased 34 percent since Bush took office.

7) Since 2001, average monthly health care premiums have risen from $342 to $603. Annual deductibles have DOUBLED. Today 46 million Americans (including 8.4 million children) have no health insurance, an increase of 6 million since Bush took office.

8) The Senate approved the BIGGEST bankruptcy law in a quarter of a century. Republicans voted AGAINST protecting senior citizens, the seriously ill, military members, veterans, and employees.

9) In 1983, the Greenspan Commission put Social Security measures in place that created a $1.7 trillion surplus in the system. This administration borrowed against and cut that to $153 billion while blaming citizens for not dying young enough.

10) In 2005, Americans paid $4.3 billion in withdrawal fees at ATM’s and $16 billion to credit card companies in late fees alone. Republicans have suggested no remedies.

STOP GETTING JACKED. Vote your wallet on November 7, 2006!